A flow feature of the disease in men is that they often do not notice the early symptoms of anxiety, whether it is swelling or venous vessels or the explicit highlight through the skin. The majority of men, in the face of this, take all for minor cosmetic defects that you are not worthy of special attention. The suspect appears already after the formation on the legs aching knots, blood clots in the vessels, and difficult to heal the ulcers on the skin.

In fact, even the first "signals", which conveys to man his body, it is easy to see – see in the picture the symptoms of varicose veins men become obvious. It is worth just to pay due attention to the uncomfortable, to take the necessary measures and the most serious manifestations of the disease may generally be avoided. Therefore, strong seed must be attentive to his or her condition, to avoid problems in the initial stages.

Varicose veins in men1


The reason for the development of this disease can become in the presence of men of a hereditary predisposition. It is a genetic factor among many other experts-phlebologist call key: if the disease manifests itself in men with more likely.

Significantly accelerate the process of appearance of varicose veins is in the degree of dependence on men and alcohol and tobacco. Vienna ignite at an accelerated pace, if a man abuses of a smoke and alcohol – arrival with this body free radicals that contribute to the wear thin the walls of blood vessels. Also the alcoholic drinks, the toxins are able to make changes in the circulation of the blood in the veins of the legs.

How it manifests itself externally? Drinkers men are different, varicose veins blue-purple. In addition to changing the color, the blood vessels can easily notice, also because they are dramatically protrude above the cover of the skin of the foot, while a blood vessel man observes the sensation of pain. Among the other characteristic signs – numbness of the toes, and the illusion that you are crawling on the skin, chills. All of this leads to the fact that smokers and alcoholics living in a quick effort to walk, not for a long time in a vertical position.

Another important factor, cause varicose veins of the men in the foot, it can become obesity. It is interesting to note that the vessels is not critical to the excess weight but to the growing due to this, the load on the lower limbs. Similar impact on the male body has and heavy lifting and any excessive physical activity, in principle.

The stagnation in the blood vessels also leads long stay in a static position, when this is not important, so if it is in walking distance, or a long stay in a sitting position. The veins of the lower limbs under the effect of the excess volume of blood are elongated and thinned out, when they are in vases, the valves will not fully cope with its functions. The result of this and it becomes varicose veins of the men in the foot.

To prevent the development of this disease a man's worth to exclude themselves listed the risk factors: to leave in the past, dependencies, keep the weight in the standard and moderate physical activity will greatly slow down the appearance of pathologies in the blood vessels of the legs.


The symptoms of varicose veins in men are very similar to those that is living a woman. Faced with the problem of varicose veins in different stages of progression may notice the following symptoms of illness:

  • Cramps, itching and of the skin of the goose in the heart of the calf muscles
  • The feeling of heaviness and pain in the legs (especially after all the loads)
  • the pain in the movement of the veins
  • Swelling of the foot
  • The formation of varicose veins
  • Pop-up on the legs not healing of ulcers
  • Swelling of the venous vessels

The symptoms of varicose veins, men can also occur, and in the groin area. This type of disease is accompanied with implicit signs, and therefore particularly insidious – identify the disease at an early stage is extremely difficult.

First degree is diagnosed only during the course of the ultrasound in the course of examination by a specialist. Inguinal varicose veins are much more clear already in its second phase, when the veins visible to the naked eye, when the man remains in a vertical position.

Varicose veins in men can pass it on to a stage, such as varicocele, or varicose veins in the testicles. Men with this defeat of vienna, engaged in the transport of the blood from the testicles up to spermatic cord. The unstable work valves in the vessels, returns the blood back to the egg, which on the visible vein swelling and formation of nodules. In principle, the varicocele does not lead to dangerous complications, symptoms are often restricted to discomfort in the groin area. However, the dysfunction of blood flow can overheat the sperm, which becomes the cause of male infertility.

Therefore, in the absence of the necessary therapy of varicose veins will be slowing down the flow of blood with the formation of blood clots and ulcers. The most serious consequence of the disease is the detachment is increased of a blood clot – while driving, if the circulatory system is the key block the artery, is immediately fatal.

Varicose veins in men2

Treatment муржского varicose veins

Depending on what stage of varicose veins, the man turned to the help of experts, there are three therapeutic techniques – consider, what they are and how they act on the affected computers blood.

In the case in which the patient came to the hospital in the first phase of the disease, the doctor will prescribe the complex drugs venous and invigorates the action of drugs and various ointments. This treatment is different comparative easily and completely painless.

The goal of the treatment of the initial defeat in men's veins, a contraction of their level and restore the function of the closing of the valves. To accelerate achievement of the desired effect in addition to used drugs, and elastic bandages in a supine position were superimposed in the foot, even success can be replaced in stockings or pantyhose a special fiber with the tonic.

However, at the base of a treatment of the first stage of varicose veins is the application of medicines, by reducing the circulation of the blood, reducing its density. Medications to relieve manifestations acute of the disease, hinder the formation and thromboembolism, thrombophlebitis and, in general, have a significant beneficial effect:

  • Tone the walls of venous vessels;
  • Increase the resistance of capillaries;
  • Prevent lymphostasis
  • Stabilize the microcirculation
  • Bring to the normal properties of blood
  • Relieve the manifestations of inflammatory
  • Prevent the formation of blood clots in veins

If the state of the circulatory system complicated by the presence of blood clots, the doctor prescribes the drug with the content of the antiplatelet agentibus – their healing effect is one of a gradual dissolution of formations. In particular, these properties are heparin, contained in the гепариновой ointment.

Varicose veins in men3


However, as we have seen above, minor defects or venous vessels in the legs rarely became a topic for the beginning of the treatment, and to a specialist, patients often are in the later stages of the disease. Of course, in these cases, the varicose veins of the men in the foot takes the most severe forms, in which the traditional treatment veno tones medicines and ointments do not bring the effect, such as fabrics and compression of linen for the home. Therefore, the treatment male of varicose veins is mainly carried out in the rapid method. To limit insignificant intervention and to ensure the minimum period of rehabilitation, you apply the so-called sparing therapy techniques.

  • Laser coagulation of blood vessels, the affected varicose veins – is the thermal exposure on the vein wall of the vein as the laser beam that removes the stagnation of blood in the veins.
  • Phlebectomy – surgical intervention to remove the diseased part extended to vienna.
  • Radiofrequency coagulation – get rid of varicose veins in the subcutaneous veins of the legs.
  • Sclerotherapy – introduction varicose veins are the extended vienna's essence, the "glue" damaged the ship.

Varicose veins even if it relates to surgical diseases, however, with the timely intervention of doctors-phlebology course of the disease can nip in the early stages, to avoid bringing any of the following operations. In this case it will be sufficient to carry out the general strengthening and support activities.

  1. Say goodbye to bad habits, especially, such as smoking and alcohol abuse
  2. Organize the balanced mode of work and rest, adjust your diet, if necessary, to change jobs with more acceptable conditions, for example, mutually exclusive, and high physical activity or static position.
  3. Reduce the weight in case of overweight, before this, it will be necessary to determine the cause of obesity, after that I start losing weight.
  4. Take for a rule to wear a compression garment – tights, stockings, knee-length, pants from specialized supports mesh. This measure reduces the load on the pathological changed of vienna, to relieve the swelling.

Kind of underwear compression and measuring its compression can only choose the doctor

Prevention measures муржского varicose veins

However, each of us is the most secure way to completely eliminate the disease and, therefore, avoid the cost and time for treatment. Varicose veins of the men on the legs won't have to face if your life is clearly to follow simple prevention recommendations.

  • Abstain from smoking and intake of alcoholic beverages
  • Avoid excessive loads of work, whether it's lifting weights, long static state, the power of sport (e.g., bodybuilding)
  • Buy today for free shipping shoes
  • Fill your day of movement: ideal for hiking, cycling, swimming in the pool, the execution of complex physiotherapy
  • Sedentary work, organize work environments, day of breath for the legs every hour to stand and walk, lift up in this way, the stiletto heels and stockings and this will restore the slow the circulation of the blood
  • When a genetic predisposition to varicose veins use medical compression underwear, and take the doses prophylactic veno tones drugs
  • Arrange for its foot contrast baths of the decoction with toning action on the blood vessels
  • Avoid going to the bathroom and sauna – these procedures greatly expanding the walls of the blood vessels, causing swelling and venous stasis
  • When the first symptoms of the disease, necessarily consult to a specialist, that in time to prescribe a medication, and stop the development of such a dangerous and insidious disease such as varicose veins.

There are wise recommendations regarding diet: please abstain from meats, steaks, cold cuts, canned food, spicy, fatty foods and heavy. All of this can be replaced by fruit, vegetables, aromatic herbs, rich in potassium, dried fruit, calcium-rich ricotta cheese. Also welcomed to the pop-up menu in the products of the sea, taking fish oil, the consumption of algae. To strengthen the walls of blood vessels add to your diet, juice of aronia, and sea buckthorn – these include the substance rutin, straightening the health of the blood vessels.

Presented in the article recommendations guaranteed to will enable men to avoid problems with varicose veins on the legs and maintain for years to come.