Treatment of varicose veins leech

The application of leeches in varicose veins is a method of treatment of the disease, which is used by about half a century. This drain helps the liquefaction of the blood, prevents the formation of blood clots, blood clots, prevents the development of vascular malformations in the foot. Currently hirudotherapy is considered to be an alternative method for the treatment of varicose veins.

What is varicose veins

Varicose veins is the extension of the external blood vessels of the lower limbs with impaired blood circulation and the defective functioning of the valves. In consequence of this, forming blood stasis and blood clots. They are suffering from this disease as men and women.

The causes of the onset of varicose veins lot. These include: sedentary or sedentary life-style, the work, connected with the presence on the legs, the interruption of the functioning of the blood vessels during the period of pregnancy, as well as the genetic predisposition and the related diseases.

Among the initial manifestations of varicose veins is possible to highlight numbness and pain in the lower limbs, the constant feeling of heaviness and swelling.

Cure this disease is difficult, but possible. There are many ways to get rid of varicose veins, including surgical and pharmacological treatment. Great success in the treatment of varicose veins enjoys hirudotherapy.

Features hirudotherapy in varicose veins

Treatment with leeches called hirudotherapy. The effect of the procedure is based on the impact of hirudin — a special substance that is found in the saliva of leeches. The main feature is the liquefaction of the blood. Sometimes, this substance can also dissolve small blood clots.

hirudotherapy — excellent preventive and curative procedure in venous thrombosis, varicose veins and thrombosis in the legs. In the initial phase of the disease, the effect of this procedure is high and saved a long period of time.

The usual leeches, floating in a swamp, to carry out the treatment is not suitable. These animals are specially bred in sterile conditions for a long period of time. Call them the doctors of the leech.

The effect of hirudotherapy has been the maximum, leech keep hunger for three months. Otherwise, you simply will not be присасется and the healing effect of its use will be equal to zero.

Be living put on the skin, and for 10-60 minutes, is the process of aspiration of blood. Usually, a leech to take the skin to a depth of 2 mm and introduced into the resulting wound with his saliva, which has anticoagulant and antibacterial action. Special enzymes in the saliva does not allow the blood to coagulate and kill the bacteria.

In a session hirudotherapy a leech can suck up to 15 millilitres of blood. Relieve the animal with the help of a tweezer or water. In a matter of a few hours the wound may ooze blood or the lymph.

There are a number of rules associated with the use of leeches. They do not apply again. Such precautions are associated with a high risk of transfer of infections from one patient to another. Moreover, these animals long-term digestion of the blood — up to 6 months. So at this time the leech is not suitable for medical purposes.

The use of leeches in varicose veins

The use of leeches for medical purposes, helps to treat varicose veins and thrombophlebitis, hypertension, and diseases of the cardiovascular system, prolong youth and maintain the freshness of the skin.

During the bite of a leech sucks the blood and injects into the blood of biologically active substances, together with his saliva. In a place where to stick a leech, observes the expansion of the vessel, and the outflow of the blood.

In general hirudotherapy has a useful effect: it improves the microcirculation of the blood, relieves swelling, dissolves small blood clots, reduces the accumulation of blood in the patients, the public, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces pain.

Leeches from varicose veins on the legs will be effective only in the case in which, if used correctly. Live worms put it directly on the skin for a special scheme. The latter should be developed an expert taking into account the characteristics of the disease and the state of health of the patient. Sometimes пиявкам give you the possibility to choose the place of the bite. Given that the animals are able to determine a problematic area on the surface of the skin.

After the procedure hirudotherapy in many patients there is a decrease in swelling, disappear, vascular "stars", the deformed vascular nodes, reduces the pain and chronic fatigue of the lower limbs.

However, to speak of what the doctor leech allows in a few treatments completely cure the varicose veins, it's not worth it. It is known that the cause of this disease is not like a blood, and proper functioning of the blood vessels and valves. Worsen or improve the operation of these valves leeches may not.

The effect of hirudotherapy in the short term, and it is recommended to apply in combination with other treatment methods. If you do not, then after a certain period of time all the external manifestations of the disease of the varicose veins will return. Treat varicose veins without phlebology therapy impossible.

Treatment of varicose veins with leeches1

Contraindications to the use of leeches when the varicose veins

Before the start of the course hirudotherapy it's necessary to visit the doctor-therapist and флеболога. Treatment of the leech has a large number of contraindications and warnings. And, in some diseases, the use of hirudotherapy is strictly prohibited.

The treatment of varicose veins leech you can go, if you have health problems: the current presence of the cancer research process, diseases of the blood (hemophilia, anemia, poor curl, etc.), hypotension, chronic, chronic or acute infectious process, hyperthermia syndrome, tuberculosis.

There are no age limits. Thus, the treatment of the leech is not possible to make the children. Do not use hirudotherapy, the women in the pregnant and in recovery period post-partum. The presence of a patient of menstruation also does not allow the treatment of leech.

In addition, hirudotherapy is contraindicated during the first three months after surgery, and with the steady intake of agents, antiaggregants, and anticoagulants.

Don't forget of personal intolerance. So, before starting the use of leeches from varicose veins on the legs is necessarily done the allergy test. If in the space of ten minutes on the skin lacking redness, burning, itching, rash, so the body perceives normally impact hirudin.

Evil perceive a similar treatment of people, especially sensitive and delicate skin. They, also, do not worth the use of this therapy.

It is not recommended to put the leeches alone. In the best of cases the procedure will not bring any result. In the worst cases, complications may occur, for example, bleeding, an allergic reaction, acute inflammation of the blood vessels, suppuration, lymphadenitis, and formation of venous ulcers, persistent dark spots in place of the bites.

How to put leeches when the varicose veins

Today, there are a large number of different private clinics and offices that specialize in hirudotherapy. Better to turn to clinics that operate on the basis of villages and large wellness centres. girudoterapii, assume there are special training and have diplomas, attesting to the presence of professional skills.

For varicose veins there is a lot of options and patterns of the staging of the leeches. But which of them would not have chosen the doctor, it is necessary to respect some basic rules. The installation of leeches is not produced directly on the same vein or clearly expressed varicose veins most common. Are not used leeches and mucous membranes. This can cause damage to the upper layer of the epithelium and the formation of bleeding wounds. Leeches do not put on the inner side of the thigh. This is especially true for thin people. They don't have the subcutaneous fat in the right amount, and the leech can attach to the artery and cause bleeding.

Before deciding on how to put the leech with varicose veins, the doctor observes with attention the selected area of the skin. There should be close to the blood vessels, and damage is visible.

Treatment of varicose veins with leeches2

Often girudoterapii select the parallel installation. In this case the leeches are installed along the diseased vessel with the other party. In this way, they are not on the same level. Leeches are equipped with staggered. For a foot requires from 4 to 10 adult leeches in a single session.

In addition to the position of leeches on the leg, experts girudoterapii recommended that you use them in the area of diamond Michaelis and the coccyx. In this area you will find biologically active points, which exert a positive effect on general health.

When the blood sucking disappears by itself, the doctor realizes that the session is over. Often it takes up to 30 minutes. If the leech has been shown to be very hungry, and after half an hour is not more, the doctor removes a pair of tweezers or wash it away with water. At the place of installation suck the blood will be a small cut. It can bleed, but it is not terrible. Bites it is necessary to develop an antiseptic and apply a bandage is sterile.

The procedure staging of the leeches can be made both in supine and in a sitting position. Before starting a session, the doctor needs to clarify, as you prefer.

The staging of the leeches when varicose veins spend the hands, a pair of tweezers or a time in a test tube. The last way is preferable. This is due to the reactions of the animal in either the metal or the warmth of human hands.

Treatment of the leech do not go every day. The gap between sessions for up to 3 days. A number of them for a course can be different. Defines girudoterapevt depending on the state of health of the patient, the degree of varicose veins.

When using the classical scheme of the staging of the leeches (animals are housed for the entire length of the leg from the tailbone up to the heel), the need of not more of 10 pieces. The distance between them is 7-10 cm. With this treatment, repeat the session, you can not before 4 days. In rare cases it can reach the 7.

If the doctor uses no more than 4 leeches for a session, and then repeat the procedure for each day or through one.

For the patient, he felt on himself the effect of conducting hirudotherapy, it is necessary to, usually, from 8 to 11 steps. There are cases in which the patient feels an improvement already after the first session.

New course hirudotherapy is possible to spend 1-2 months. This can be done in the absence of side effects and complete healing of all the places of a previous installation of leeches.

Treatment of varicose veins with leeches3

The use of leeches when the varicose veins shown by medical studies. The effect of the procedure hirudotherapy, usually, you can see it immediately. However, you need to realize that during the execution phase of the varicose veins the patient will need a complete and complex treatment. Hirudotherapy can become one of the methods. The best option is a combination of the use of leeches and drug exposure.