The prevention of varicose veins

Varicose veins meets the 60% of the fairer sex. Its danger is the invisible progress of the disease. The initial phase can last for years and the girls do not identify the foot, and when they see advanced of vienna without any serious events for their resolution can not do without.

The prevention of varicose veins will help you avoid the complications and slow down the development of the disease, and the defeat of the blood vessels healthy. It is based on an integrated approach, it is necessary to act directionally by all the parties, not to give varicosity ruin a nice view of the legs.

Among the factors that contribute to the healing from varicose veins are:

  • The selection of an optimal regimen of day, in terms of the observance of the daily sleep and rest, in which the legs are at rest. In the case of a sedentary job, you need to take breaks, to walk and to often change the sitting position.
  • Delete when seated pose "foot for foot".
  • During the day you should change the height of the sole of a shoe, not only studs harms in varicose veins, but, and flat sole.Do not wear tight clothes, so like you, worsens the blood circulation in the groin area.
  • During a holiday at the sea is necessary not only to swim, but even if the beach is pebbly to walk on it. For a vacation choosing a climatic zone.
  • Warn constipation, as they are the cause of increased pressure in the blood vessels in the pelvis.
Prevention of varicose veins1

These tips will help you slow down the flow of varicose veins and the prevention is to a proper diet, optimal exercise and gymnastics, the use of drugs and folk remedies to relieve the symptoms and improve the condition of the veins.


It depends on the general condition of the human body. Initially, you need to eliminate or at least drastically reduce the consumption of:

  1. Baked goods, sweets, and fatty foods. They increase the weight, and this gives a considerable work load on the legs.
  2. Marinated and rich first courses result in the extension of the walls of the blood vessels.
  3. Alcohol and coffee pull the water out of the cells, which adversely affects the whole body.

For the prevention of varicose veins on the legs you want to include in your food products enriched with fibers, useful vitamins and trace elements:

Prevention of varicose veins2
  1. A large amount of fiber contained in cereal grains and husk berries, fruit and vegetables. It is important for the whole body, as it absorbs the excess of the substance, and also radionuclides, playing the role of a boy intestinal.
  2. The copper you can get of the kidneys, ram, fish, and beef liver.
  3. Vitamin E is found in egg yolk, olive oil, legumes, grain, liver and green onions.
  4. The vitamin c and P are peppers, cabbage, tomatoes, sea-buckthorn, nuts.

and these elements contribute to the production of elastin, which improves the elasticity of the venous wall. Animal oil when the disease it is better to replace the implant, the latter will have a beneficial effect on varicose veins.

Physical education

Not all can boast the title of master of sport, but to prevent the onset of varicose veins or ease the life with him is pretty constantly a little time hiking, running, cycling, hiking, a swimming pool and bring home a simple exercises.

Only exercise you need to give the body every day, take it as a rule move more, less, stand, and sit.

A few exercises you can easily perform at home.

Exercises lying down

In position on the tummy, you can resort to the following exercises:

  • Lengthen the forehead against the floor and place the hands along the body, and after this there is a need to lift alternately each leg, and those who have the strength to hold the weight.
  • The legs bend at the knees and with the effort to move the heel towards the buttocks.

Lying on your back, you must perform these movements:

  • Alternatively, turn the feet, as if you are eating in the bicycle, this exercise is called the "bicycle".
  • The position on the back, the legs to lift a little and start breeding them. This exercise bears the name of "scissors".

The position on the side. You should start with the right, raising the left foot first, and then bent in the knee. Also to do with the right foot, lying not on the left side.

When you choose other exercises in position "lying" and "standing" is necessary to consider that the static tension of the foot is except.

Exercises sitting

These exercises are useful for those who are at work all day he sits at the table, for their execution will be sufficient for twice a day a selection for 20 minutes.

The most effective for the prevention of varicose veins in the legs are considered to be:

  • Raise and lower the foot toe of the foot;
  • Put foot socks, guiding them to each other, and then breed socks and connecting the heel;
  • Move alternately the foot from heel to toe;
  • Lift your legs, bending your knees, and shake them side-to-side;
  • Упереть walk your heels into the floor and put pressure on them.

All of these physical activities will help you to manage with a marked varicosity will notify its appearance when it occurred to him local.


The medications are assigned a physician for each individual, on the basis of the clinical picture of the incidence of the disease. Their action must be sent to the following points:

  • Effective removal of the symptoms of varicose veins by thinning the blood, reduce the swelling of the legs and their severity;
  • Increased tone of the venous wall;
  • Reduction of the possible complications of the disease.

Along with the medicines may be applied by external means to strengthen their action, and faster to cope with the disease.

Compression garment

In the initial phase of the development of varicose veins for the purposes of prevention, doctors recommend to wear special stockings or socks. Wearing them does not cure the disease, but warns the swelling of the veins, and the ones that already act, it becomes more elastic and with time it decreases. They are made of a special fiber and improve the flow of blood to the heart.

So therapeutic compression stockings can be bought in the internet pharmacy, or in orthopedic salons. They are selected for size, for this you need to make different sizes indicated on the packaging . The product is very tight and they sit on the legs, but do not prevent the outflow of blood, but, on the contrary, they improve thanks to the distribution of compression: bikini – 20%, on the ankles – 100%, in the knee – 75%, on the sides – 50%.

For their appearance do not worry, they look like black socks, they are available in black and beige. Their you can wear instead of the usual sock.

Wear a compression garment lying flat, before gently have its tip to the heel, in order not to damage the filaments of the fabric on the product in the field of bone.

Tights and socks have three classes of compression. The first class is recommended for prevention, while the second and the third are necessary during the treatment of the disease.

This mesh can be replaced with an elastic bandage before use, it is necessary to lie down with the feet raised for a quarter of an hour.

Lift your legs at a right angle is necessary for the prevention of varicose veins every day, working out twice a day for six minutes.

These techniques talk about how to avoid varicose veins on the legs in time by the prevention of the disease. In the presence of the disease, you need to find yourself an expert флеболога, who would have seen the state of the veins and the course of the disease.