Varicose veins in pregnancy

One of the favourable factors for the emergence of such changes is pregnancy.

The causes varicosity during pregnancy

varicosity varicose veins during pregnancy develops because of changes in the body of the future mother, the structure of his body and change of the life style of a woman. There are some specific factors causing the emergence of this disease:

Prevention of varicose veins in pregnancy1
  1. Hormonal changes. During pregnancy increased levels of progesterone relaxing the muscles of the uterus, but has a "side effect": the relaxation of the walls of the blood vessels. Consequently, the ascending line of vienna can not actively pump the blood, begins the stagnation, which contributes even more vasodilation – a vicious circle!
  2. Increase of the venous pressure of the blood in pregnancy it becomes more fluid. This is necessary in order to improve the inflow of fetal blood. But for the veins is not so good: it verifies their strong expansion.
  3. Strengthen the formation of blood clots – so that the body is preparing for childbirth, for the woman has not lost too much blood after the placenta detaches. But, if varicose veins have already begun, the tendency to thrombosis тольуко worsen the situation.
  4. The reduction in the level of physical activity – pregnant women often prefer to lie down, to perform a kind of gymnastics. However, if there are no contraindications, exercise must necessarily make! Or for long walks. All this improves the blood circulation and prevention of varicose veins. More information about gymnastics for expectant mothers

The types of varicosity during pregnancy

By the way, varicosity there are many different types. Consider those who during the pregnancy occur more often:

  • varicosity during pregnancy groin – pop-up in the groin swollen veins, the woman feels "races пирание" in this field;
  • varicosity of the uterus during pregnancy – the result of a hereditary predisposition and the hard work of the iliac veins. It can also occur because of long inflammatory processes, abortion, interruption of the menstrual cycle, etc.;
  • varicosity of the vaginal during the pregnancy – rather, it is the most common form of the disease, of which very often strikes women, whose mothers and grandmothers have suffered from varicose veins in the legs;
  • and, finally, the varicosity in the foot – the most common form of this disease.

Treatment varicosity

Not all of the methods used for the treatment of varicose veins, can be applied to women in "sweet anticipation". For example, sclerotherapy (the injection of special medications), and surgery – radical, but more effective ways – absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy. Their not worth the effort to apply again, and, in case, if a woman is in the program for the next two years to become a mother, then why is the disease recurrence is almost inevitable.

Prevention of varicose veins in pregnancy2

So the only tools varicosity during pregnancy, it harms neither the mother nor the child – wear underwear compression (special socks and tights) and a variety of tools for use in topical (creams, ointments). If you are talking about the latter have proven to be tools on the basis of heparin and horse-chestnut extract . If your doctor recommends that you wear compression stockings , be prepared for the fact that wearing them and in the period of childbirth – in this period greatly increases the risk of thrombosis.

As they pass the delivery when varicosity?

Varicose veins – this is not a contraindication to the birth of a child. You just need to pay more attention to their health. The doctor will suggest the prevention of thrombosis and phlebitis. In addition, it raises the question of how to give birth naturally or by caesarean section. To resolve this you are in collaboration with the gynecologist and phlebologist. If possible, the preference is always given to the natural birth. But before the birth it is sure to put the stockings .

If varicosity after the birth?

Among other things, many people wonder: if, during the pregnancy, the doctor diagnosed "varicosity", then why wait after giving birth – healing or, on the contrary, to an aggravation of the situation? The answer to this question will not give anyone, not even the doctor. It all depends on the characteristics of your body. Some women after childbirth, you forget that it varicose veins (at least for some time), while others continue to suffer and search for ways to solve this problem. Then, how to treat varicosity after the birth?

Today medicine can offer 2 ways of treatment of varicose veins: conservative – with the help of drugs and operating – through surgery.

After childbirth women often develops, as well as varicosity and thrombophlebitis venous, inflammation of the walls of the veins, venous thrombosis. The symptoms usually only: the voltage of the veins, the painful sensations during sensitivity, redness of the skin to the affected area of the body, up to a temperature rise. If you look at all these phenomena, and unpleasant, with urgency, seek medical attention and be prepared for the fact that will assign the hospitalization.

Now you need to rest in bed, and most of the time the legs should be in the raised position. If you are talking about drug treatment in this period, in these cases, usually prescribed sulfa drugs, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and, if necessary, medication for the pain. Sometimes the doctors are struggling with a problem with the help of coagulants – medicines that prevent the clotting of the blood. There is one more feature: take the possible not before 3 days after the childbirth, to prevent uterine bleeding.

Prevention of varicosity varicose veins during pregnancy

As usual, to prevent the disease is much easier than cure. Therefore, every woman should know about measures of prevention of varicosity during pregnancy – it does not matter if he has the predisposition to this disease.

If neither you nor your relatives with a problem never dealt with, not spend the whole day on your feet and do not have excess weight – the prevention of varicose veins will not be difficult. If all these "aggravating" factors, there is, to preventive measures and the need of double diligence: it really gives very good results.

By the way, remember that each subsequent pregnancy increases the risk of the onset and the development of varicosity.

If you have noticed that on the legs appeared swollen venous "nodules" (even very small), go to the surgeon: the doctor will observe for the duration of the pregnancy and for a while after the birth.

How to prevent varicosity during pregnancy

Let the long (not less than 2 hours) hiking to the city will become your daily habit. It is a good workout for the calf muscles, and the circulation of the blood, when walking is greatly improved. This is only the hot weather better to stay at home.

Another nice option – swimming: this is the physical exercise, and a sort of pump and massage. It is useful for the fact that it has a beneficial effect on the spine, as your stomach is experiencing a large work load.

It also will be useful to have a shower contrast, only the temperature difference should not be too large, otherwise it can become an evil (not to varicosity, but simply because of the "interesting situation"). Focus on their feelings.

Attention to the choice of the shoes. Nothing high heels! If and heel, the little guy (not more than 3-5 cm) and constant. On it should not be elastic, laces and lacing, compressing and tightening the leg disturbs the circulation of the blood. The same is true for elastic narrow socks.

During the day, try periodically soaking for 15-20 minutes with legs raised. Seen in movies such as americans sit down, throwing his feet on the desk? We believe that it is unacceptable, but what is the great prevention of varicosity! On the table legs, of course, throw not necessarily, but on a soft pillow.

When you learn to sleep only on the left side: this eases the pressure of the uterus on the vein, which lies to the right, and reduces the venous pressure in the legs. Try to put under the belly of a small pillow, it is very convenient.

For the prevention of varicosity during pregnancy, and only for good health, try to distribute in the course of the day, the time that you spend in positions "standing-sitting-lying down". Any extreme unacceptable: not worth the effort nor walk till you drop, lie on the couch for 10 hours straight.

Do not sit, laying foot to foot, more so on a low seat.

Adjust your diet. In the first place, it is important to normalize the bowel, and in the second place, the beneficial effect on the state of the veins has a special diet, which we will discuss later.

Diet for varicosity

Pay attention to the liquid: its supposed to be a lot of. This and water and juices and soups, yes, and vegetables contain a lot of water (cucumbers, for example, are made by you to 97%). Extremely useful is the red grape juice: half a glass per day to reduce the activity of platelets in 75%.

The coagulation of the blood, reduce the cranberry, celery, onion, garlic, kiwi, cherry, tomatoes.

And yet you to decrease the viscosity of blood and improve the elasticity of the walls of the blood vessels in need of iodine. He contains in seafood (especially seaweeds), and iodized salt.

varicosity during pregnancy is not so scary, if you know what to do and not to worry, once again for this reason. Adhere to these guidelines, and do not get sick!

A mechanism for the development of the disease is considered to be pregnant, that is to say, shown in this period hormonal changes and the growing pressure of the uterus on the veins of the pelvis.