Instructions for use Varicobooster

It is very important that the cream varicose veins Varicobooster easy-to-use, and a variety of components enables you to get rid of creams and substances. These creams have integrated all of the possible solutions to fight against the diseases of the veins. It is a universal medicine, a treatment that depends upon several points:

  • the extent to which the disease has progressed
  • secondary illnesses
  • the individual characteristics and the general state of the organism

Method of use: apply a small amount of the drug on patients areas of the feet. It is recommended to rub the cream Varicobooster is not more than 1 time per day, similar drugs forbidden yet to be implemented. After a certain time in the skin assets are absorbed trace elements of the fund quickly to relieve the feelings of gravity and swelling.

If the compliance of the statement, at the end of a month appears a positive evolution of the treatment. This is manifested in the state of health of feet and skin. The disease of retirement, and a member filled with health, external and internal. The people leading an active life, often ask, but if you can crouch when варикозе? In fact, physical exercise make up the largest part of their life. The doctors forbid serious load on the feet of varicose veins. But if the dosage does not exceed the standard, and during the course used a compression garment, to waive the exercise is not necessary.

With the exception of sit-ups, you can include it in the programme of cycling. The only requirement – consultation with the treating physician and the absence of related complications. There are units for those with the disease of veins, performed in the horizontal position in order to reduce the pressure on the foot. An essential attribute is the compression stockings knitted. They do not give the veins to stretch, support muscles and improve the tissue vascularization.

Indications Varicobooster

Varicobooster for those that may occur:

  • varicose disease of various degrees of severity
  • chronic venous insufficiency
  • edema post-traumatic stress disorder
  • посттромботический syndrome
  • hematoma of soft tissue
  • spider veins

The cream can be applied in cases of varicose veins, as well as a prevention tool. Instead of using a delete operation to the vein.

Contra-indications to the use of Varicobooster

Contraindications Varicobooster virtually no, except for open wounds at the place of application of venous ulcers and other violations of the integrity of the epidermis. Also recommended not to take the people with allergy to any components of the medicine.